ECE/CS 752 Project Report Guidelines

For the 752 course project, you must submit a written report that documents the work you have performed in the context of the project.  This report should strive for the same quality of presentation as the papers you have read during the semester, and should be well-organized, clearly written, and should stand alone (meaning that a reasonably well-informed reader will not have to refer to additional materials to understand what you have done).  Please format the report neatly and check for typos, spelling, and grammatical correctness.

Here is a recommended report structure:

·         Title and Abstract: these should capture the main contributions of your project and summarize your results/findings.

·         Introduction and Motivation: introduce the topical area, identify the key problem or problems, explain their importance, and provide a brief overview of the solution (or study, or survey; whichever is relevant) that you are presenting.

·         Prior Work: summarize relevant related work, with appropriate citations

·         Main Concepts/Contributions: One or more sections that explain your main contributions and the details of operation of any algorithms, structures, or simulation studies that you proposed, implemented, and/or evaluated as part of your project.  Block diagrams, flow charts, and detailed examples can be very helpful in presenting such concepts.

·         Results and Discussion: Provide and justify any quantitative results, preferably using graphs (vs. tables). 

·         Conclusions and Future Work: Summarize your findings, identify remaining open problems or issues, and suggest the next steps for this project.

·         References: Properly formatted references to relevant prior papers that are cited in the body of the report.

·         Statement of Work: The project report must also include a statement of work that identifies the contributions of each individual on the team.  This statement of work must reflect a team consensus and must be signed by all team members.  I recommend that you structure this statement as a table with a row for each project milestone, a column for each team member, and the percentage contribution of each team member to each milestone in the entries in the table.

Finally, please provide a github or bitbucket repository or TAR or ZIP file of any source code (software and/or hardware description language) that you have written as part of this project.  This file should be uploaded to the Canvas dropbox.  Since the course project is graded primarily based on effort, not results, I will need to access your source files to gauge the amount of effort you have expended on the project.