ECE/CS 752 Fall 2017
Paper Reviews

To improve the liveliness of in-class discussion of papers on the list, please bring written reviews of papers to be discussed to each lecture according to the schedule below. Reviews must be submitted via Canvas by 10am on the due date specified below.

Each review will count as much as a quiz. Make sure your written review addresses the following five points, and be prepared to present your points orally during the in-class discussion. Please format your review so each of the five points is in a separate paragraph with a matching header.


Date Paper
Wed, Sep 13 Jacobson, H, et al., Stretching the limits of clock-gating efficiency in server-class processors, in Proceedings of HPCA-11, 2005. Online PDF
Mon, Oct 2 Borch, E., Tune, E., Manne, S., and Emer, J. Loose Loops Sink Chips. In Proceedings of HPCA-8, Feb. 2003.
Mon, Oct 9 K. Czechowski, V. Lee, E. Grochowski, R. Ronen, R. Singhal, R. Vuduc, P. Dubey. Improving the Energy Efficiency of Big Cores. Proceeding of ISCA-14, June 2014.